ICT Infrastructure Managament

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure Management is at the opposite side of the spectrum from Business Perspective. It is the "liaison" between Service Management and the Technology. The goal of this service is to use proven, repeatable processes to provide a stable operating environment for all the IT functions using the technology.

Infrastructure Assessment

Health Services

This service will provide high end expertise to evaluate existing solutions of any scale.

This service will provide high end expertise to evaluate existing solutions of any scale. Our health service offers an evaluation expertise for Small to enterprise businesses for ICT infrastructure. This Service provides highly skilled resources that evaluate the infrastructure using tools sets and expertise to evaluate an organisation's ICT Infrastructure and report on its health. In addition the evaluation measures the existing solutions against the business goals to ensure that the best practise and business needs are met.

These Services will enable the organisation to know its IT needs, decide on the solution that is sound with no risk, and provide experience and satisfaction that the organisation needs.

Design & Planning

The purpose of this set of processes is to guide the design and planning of IT enterprise architecture. The teams executing these processes work with business architects to devise a set of IT standards and workflows that satisfy current and future requirements. The work spans the product lifecycle of research, selection, introduction, maintenance and sun setting of all IT infrastructure components. The teams determine the best technological path for the organisation going forward and commission the work to attain the goals.


These processes control the introduction of hardware and software changes into the operating environment, guiding activities in both production and test environments. The goal is to ensure that introducing changes into production operations has the least impact possible to the business and its customers.

We measure progress and quality of new applications and hardware as it pertains to meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Performance problems undetected in the testing process can be quickly identified during deployment processes so corrective actions can be escalated and quickly completed to minimise negative impacts to the business and customers. Fewer poor performing applications introduced into production leads to more satisfied customers.


This set of processes covers the day-to-day work required to monitor and maintain a stable IT infrastructure and operating environment. Some of the tasks associated with the processes are job scheduling, data management (including backup and recovery management), enterprise command centre, physical database administration and proactive hardware maintenance.

Technical Support

Technical Support provides problem determination support to the entire IT community. They assist Design and Planning by providing technical evaluations, both in the form of Proof of Concept (POC) and Pilot tests of new technologies. Technical Support acts as a liaison with vendors on technical matters. Technical Support is also responsible for creating and maintaining the Technical Library and the technical knowledge base for the organisation.