Electronic Assessment Tool

The Electronic Assessment Tool runs on a PDA and enables an assessor to travel to any location within the mine or remote site in order to assess employees. Employees are assessed on assessment guides or on refresher training guides, therefore continuously managing the competencies of your work force. The tool is fully customisable and interfaces with any HR system including SAP.

The Electronic Assessment Tool consists of several smaller components in one bundle which enables the system to be fully customisable. User access control is applicable to each system component. Our products allow for 100% accurate data storage and retrieval.

Some of the key features include:

Import Tool

Our Import Tool has been developed to upload assessment guides directly into the system from any defined template including all Setas, Cetas and MQA templates. This eliminates the use of data capturers and capturing errors. This tool ensures a standard and consistent assessment of all employees, by ensuring that there is only one current version per assessment guide.

Digital Signatures

Our digital signatures are captured live on the PDA by the assessor, employee and moderator. Our signatures are fully encrypted and are reproduced on all relevant reports.


Our reporting function enables you to produce over 200 reports, with the option to create additional reports if required.

Below is a list of detailed reports developed for the Electronic Assessment Tool:

  • Assessor Reports
  • Employee Reports
  • Final Assessment Reports
  • Overview Reports

Electronic assessing offers the following advantages as opposed to Paper based assessing:

Paper Based
Electronic Assessment Tool
Reams of paper used for assessments Small lightweight PDA
Hundreds of square meters used for storage All records kept electronically
Time consuming Quick and efficient
Cost (Constant paper purchasing) Once off cost
Possible loss of documents Secure electronic storage
Time consuming search for required fatality documents Instantly and easily accessible employee records
Use of data capturers No data capturing
Unlimited man hours (printing, capturing) Limited man hours (assessment process)
No tracking of assessment guide versions being used Only current assessment guide versions used across the organisation
Legal documents easily lost Ability to reproduce legal documents with original signatures obtained during the assessment
Time consuming practice to sift through reams of paper assessments Immediate accurate information when generating reports (Required when a fatality occurs)
No tracking of assessor\'s work input Performance measuring of an assessor, based on the assessor\'s work input
No tracking of employee\'s career status Assist in determing an employee\'s career status through tracking employee competencies
Time consuming to compare all employee information on paper Employee comparisons based on competencies
No tracking of unit standards for acting positions When employee is in an acting position, the system can generate a report to determine deficit unit standards for the acting position
No tracking of qualifications Tracking assessments (including competency A, B, C etc.) which occur in an operation for a particular period, which enables management of an operations training and work force competence level

The Electronic Assessment Tool offers a more efficient and reliable assessment method with accurate storage of assessment information and reduced costs while managing the competencies of an operations workforce.